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Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Project for Promoting Seed Industry in Cambodia Planned Free-standing technical assistance 1230 960,000 2022
Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Crop production chain upgrading focused on export and automation of phytosanitary certification system development in agribusiness facilitation in the context of digital technology harmonization and the evolution of the fourth industry Project Planned Free-standing technical assistance 1231 13,000,000 2022
Ministry of Interior Construction of Office building for Police radio communication Deleted Investment project 1192 168,000 2022
Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Construct The Mekong Library and IT Building at Prek Leap National Institute of Agriculture Planned Investment project 1232 5,000,000 2022
Ministry of Culture & Fine Arts Research, data collection and registering artifacts outside storage and heritage law publication in Kompong Chan and Banteay Meanchey province Planned Free-standing technical assistance 1182 150,000 2023
Ministry of Culture & Fine Arts Preservation, restoration of temples and Pagodas in Kampong Cham provinces Planned Investment project 1183 750,000 2023
Ministry of Culture & Fine Arts Research and Conservation of ancient site in Kandal & Kampong Cham province Planned Investment project 1184 276,000 2023
Ministry of Culture & Fine Arts Open a film production training school Planned Free-standing technical assistance 1185 823,000 2023
Ministry of Women's Affairs The Australia-Cambodia Cooperation for Equitable Sustainable Services Program (ACCESS) On Going Free-standing technical assistance 1310 3,455,900 2018
Ministry of Culture & Fine Arts Construction of theater in Siem Reap Regional School of Fine Arts Deleted Investment project 1186 800,000 2022
Ministry of Culture & Fine Arts Construction of Culture Museum​​ at Kampong Cham Provincial Planned Investment project 1187 450,000 2023
Ministry of Rural Development Cambodia Sustainable Landscape and Ecotourism (CSLEP) On Going Investment project 1281 25,062,000 2019
Ministry of Interior Buy 4 Fire Fighter Trucks Planned Investment project 1193 7,067,200 2023
Ministry of Interior Buy 250 steel cutting machines and 250 concrete drilling machines Planned Investment project 1194 437,500 2023
Ministry of Social Affairs, Veterans and Youth Rehabilitation Construction of National Center for Voluntary and Community Based Treatment and Rehabilitation for Drug addicts Completed Investment project 1203 4,800,000 2022
Ministry of Interior 1500 pieces of aluminum foil and 5000 sets of fire extinguishers Planned Investment project 1195 16,061,500 2023
Ministry of Interior 406 Suzuki smash motorcycles to Khan Police Inspectorate Deleted Investment project 1196 812,000 2022
Ministry of Interior 02 Construction of training ground in Prek Eang and Treng Trayeung Planned Investment project 1197 356,250 2023
Ministry of Interior Build a lifeboat dock at Prek Leap Deleted Investment project 1198 625,000 2022
Ministry of Interior 5-Floor Building for Police Traffic Office and Stay Planned Investment project 1199 2,695,225 2023